How Often Should You Post Fresh Web Content?

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How often should you post fresh web content? Most successful marketers and bloggers will tell you that you should be posting on social media and/or publishing content online on a daily basis.

Unfortunately “should” and “can” are 2 very different things.

Luckily, the right PLR provider and ghostwriter can easily take the weight of content creation off your hands. Something many of my clients have come to trust me with for all of their web content requirements. *wink wink*

Never Offer Subpar Content to Your Readers
Launching and maintaining your own online business can be overwhelming. 

From networking and marketing to social media engagement and product creation - there is a lot of work to be done. 

Unfortunately what that often means is that to create a constant flow of web content there are sacrifices made to the writing quality. 

This is NOT the place to ignore quality or offer subpar content. 

Are you struggling to find time or create well-written useful content? The fate of your website may be best left to a ghostwriter such as myself, who will provide top-notch web content that converts and builds your niche authority.
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The Success of Your Website: FACTS
The success of your website isn't about how many clicks your affiliate links are getting. Nor is online success found by how much content you post to your websites and blogs. Or even the amount of traffic coming your way.

Finding success online ideally depends on the answers and solutions that you provide for your readers. They came to you for a reason, so what do you think will happen if what they need is unavailable?

Well, what do you do when your faced with shoddy service?

Yes! They are going to leave you for greener pastures...and take their money with them!

Posting Web Content Daily
Personally, I post content on one platform or another every single day. But there are no steadfast rules. Some online marketers choose to post bi-weekly, others go with publishing on a weekly and even monthly basis.

To be honest - unless you are posting well written web content that is unique and up-to-date, deciding on post frequency is irrelevant. Your visitors won't be sticking around long enough for it to make a difference either way. 

What your blog really depends on to succeed is the quality of your work, your audience, your niche and your ability to provide relevant web content. 

More importantly - making sure you only share interesting, worthwhile information that is written for your reader - not your bank account!

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How often do you publish content on your blog? Share your strategies in the comments. 

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