About Pamela May

About Pamela May

My name is Pamela and I am a full-time freelance writer with over 10 years of experience in making the world a more readable place.

If you are seeking a writer that is honest, reliable and affordable, I may just be the writer you are looking for. 

If you are looking for a writer that provides high-quality content that is both enjoyable and easy to read, caters to your specific needs and provides a wide selection of writing styles from articles and blog posts to sales and web page copy...This IS the writer you are looking for!

(Now, enough of my Jedi mind tricks...)

What Unique Qualities Do I Have To Offer?
As a writer with an obsession for knowledge, and a desire to share information with the world, I've added the title of know-it-all-in-training to my list of expertise. 

That being said, I may specialize in high quality web content, ghostwriting, blogging and print media on a variety of topics, but I will never accept a job offer if I don't feel I can deliver a quality article that is 100% of my best work, 100% of the time. 

Why Should You Choose Me?

As a Ghostwriter:
My goal is to join forces with you to provide great articles and useful web content. Offering a constant flow of fresh, well-written web content will not only benefit your website & drive traffic, but also build your list and improve your online identity as an expert.

As a PLR and Custom Content Provider:

I know how important unique, well-written content is for the success of any website. Which is the reason I launched my In A Pickle writing services for PLR and Custom PLR Content creation:

  • In A Pickle PLR
    In A Pickle PLR provides PLR article packs that are hand-written by yours truly and limited to only 50 licenses per pack.
  • In A Pickle Custom Content 
    In A Pickle Custom Content service includes affordable rates on customized PLR packs to help you keep your own PLR e-store well stocked with quality content. Offering high quality articles and PLR content at affordable rates.
Whether you are looking for web articles, blog posts, copy created for Squidoo lenses, info-products or marketing tools; all of my web content is SEO friendly, with well-planned keyword placement and 100% original content that is fresh, polished, and concise, while focusing on speaking TO your reader not AT them.

Copywriting Also Available
I also provide copywriting for:

  • About pages
  • Product & service descriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Pamphlets
  • And more...
Looking for content not listed here? Just ask - after 10 years as a freelance writer, there's not much I haven't covered. Just let me know about your project, and what you are looking for, and I'll provide you with a quote ASAP.

What Experience Can I Share?

I am presently working with affiliate marketers, bloggers and website owners covering a large range of topics. From law, content creation, relationships and health care to business practices, travel, real estate and electronics - I've covered it all. 

Not All Web Content Is Created Equal!

What many freelance writers fail to recognize is that not all web content is created equal. It is a simple concept that I see brushed aside on a daily basis. 

It blows my mind that content providers think that it will go unnoticed but it is one thing that does not change - One size does not fit all (no matter what the salesclerk tells you). 

Different businesses require different writing styles. In addition to having years of experience crafting multiple types of content, I can provide you with a quality of work that is second to none.

Pamela May - Writing Samples
Am I the right content provider for you? 
Of course I am! But I'm not exactly going to say 'no', now am I? So lets try this...

Although I can't share links to my extensive portfolio of ghostwriting projects, here are some of my attributed writing samples Have a read through for a better idea of my style and versatility as a writer and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask: ms.pamela.may@gmail.com 

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