Cut and Paste Squidoo Content

Cut and Paste Squidoo Content
*Exclusive Rights

ATTN Canadian lensmasters: Pay only $8.00 for your Squidoo content by paying with e-Transfer. Contact me at for details. 

Cut and paste Squidoo content gives any lensmaster or marketer a chance to have a high quality Squidoo lens, created, published and ready to increase your sales in less time than it takes to make lunch. 

Here is what your Squidoo Content pack will include:
  • 500+ words of well researched, unique copy on the topic/product of your choice.
  • Module recommendations for each block of content.
  • Images for each text module, including attribution.
  • SEO friendly copy, with well-planned keyword placement that will have your lens rated 100% by Squidoo -- assisting you in increase your traffic results even faster.
  • A selection of additional content you can use if you’re stuck for time to keep your lens updated (Squidoo is BIG on lenses having “useful, unique, updated content”).

    *Please note: Squidoo TOS must be followed!

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